Do you experience diabetes stress?

Life with diabetes can be tough. In the busy setting of the Diabetes Clinic, discussions about managing diabetes can often focus solely on the medical and physical aspects; however, it is common to have a whole range of emotions towards diabetes.

Not long ago, I also felt this way. I'm Dr. Jen Nash, a Clinical Psychologist who has been living with type 1 diabetes since childhood.

Over the years I experienced a lot of reactions towards living with diabetes—stress, frustration, depression, denial, worry about long term complications, fear of hypoglycaemia, shame, and fear about being different, embarrassment and many others.

Each of these emotions negatively affected my ability to care for my diabetes. However, what I didn't know then is that each of these emotions can be managed using some simple psychological techniques. You'll be relieved to hear you don't need to train to be a psychologist to learn them.

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You may also be interested in my book, ‘Diabetes and Wellbeing’, which is the UK’s first self-help book on managing the emotional impact of diabetes. Read all about it here.