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Archive for April, 2011
Glycosmedia is a free and editorially independent diabetes news service.
It exists to bring the latest diabetes news and information to professionals working in the field
of diabetes, both in the clinic and in research.
Information overload is an overworked and much maligned term, but it is a truism when
considering the increasing proliferation of diabetes news and news resources. The problem
lies in the frustratingly unfocussed electronic news feeds that are available; feeds that
completely lack any intuition of the needs of the busy practitioner or researcher.
In contrast, the content for the weekly Glycosmedia news listing is selected “by hand” and
does not use an automated trawl of the Internet.
As well as being available online, Glycosmedia offers a free subscription to their weekly
newsletter delivered by email.
Subscription to free weekly email newsletter can be found here: http://
Glycosmedia was launched in June 2008 and at the moment there are over 1,500 healthcare
practitioners who subscribe to this free weekly newsletter.
Glycosmedia also updates their Twitter page here: and this
is done in as close to real time as possible. In a similar way the Glycosmedia RSS feed is
updated with the latest news.
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Glycosmedia is sponsored by Abbott Diabetes Care, Bayer Diabetes Care, Lilly and Novo
A link to Glycosmedia can be seen keeping very good company in the Professionals section
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Sarah Steel – Coping with being a First Time Mum!
It was hard being pregnant and a type 1 diabetic but it turns out that was nothing! I thought once I had
given birth that my sugars would be back under control and the hard part of keeping an eye on them
was gone. How wrong I was, for the first 8 months or so I found it very difficult to keep my levels under
When I was pregnant the only thing I had to keep a close eye on was my levels and gradually increase
my insulin intake as the pregnancy progressed, I found this relatively easy. When the baby arrived I
found I had never had so many hypos and such erratic readings.
There were times that I was so tired I would forget to take my night-time insulin, I would then try to
correct this in the morning by taking a little of it with breakfast. The other problem is taking insulin for
the food you are going to eat but not being able to finish the food because the baby cries and needs
Your baby’s needs become more important than your own and you are now not the most important
thing in your life! The baby is now not so much a baby and is now 12 months old, he is walking and
causing mayhem where ever he goes. I now feel I am more in control and can (for most of the time)
give myself insulin and finish my meal. I think it all changed around 6 months when he started to sleep
through this meant I was able to sleep and wasn’t dealing with sleep depravation so I didn’t forget to
take insulin.
It was also very strange going back to my old regime after taking so much insulin whilst I was pregnant,
my HbA1C is higher than it’s ever been but is coming down so I am doing something right. I will not
worry about it though as I know it’s a small glitch and they will stabilise even more over the coming 6
I have blogged a lot over the last 12 months about coping, or trying to cope, with the baby on my site I have been using the DF Diary iPhone app to monitor my levels and this
seems to be working, but I will know at my next check up. Hopefully my HbA1C will be in the 7’s! also has a forum for you to share ideas and problems, a weekly recipe page
and a UK Food Database to help you carb count. The iPhone app (called DF Diary) has the UK Food
Database and Restaurant data to help you keep a diary on the go.